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Govt Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls, Nadakkavu celebrating the 120th anniversary in 2013, The Former Main Training School established in 1893 . The present Govt Vocational Higher Secondary School for Girls Nadakkavu holds its head high with its glorious past. Situated in the city of Kozhokode, it sprawls through 3 acres and 42 cents. The old building constructed in 1893 was washed off in a great storm in 1934, and the present heritage building, which is an “Ettukettu” was constructed in 1938. The other  structures were erected with funds by the  Govt., the PTA's,  the MLA's and the MP's. Accomodating nearly 2400 girls from different urban and sub urban areas of Kozhikode, the school has established itself as one of the best schools in Kozhokode.


          The “PRISM project which was launched in the school has attained a success far beyond our expectations.

Every one of us has dreams; only very few of us have a vision. Visionaries  lead a nation to progress. Our MLA Sri A Pradeep Kumar's vision for the schools of his constituency is getting materialised  through a number of innovative practices-to cause unbelieving changes on all fronts – like Smart Class rooms, Labs, Libraries and a unique project named PRISM. This dream project is being itself supported by a number of persons and institutions like Dr. Saji Gopinath of IIMK, NIT, Planetarium IIMK, Mr and Mrs Faizal of the KEF and a number of good souls.

We, the Nadakkavu Girls School proudly announce that through PRISM Project of Sri Pradeep Kumar MLA, we are scaling the heights to the International standard  in academic excellence, in enhancing the ambience of the school, in the general attitude of the staff and students and above all in attracting international investors in giving a hand for a benevolent intervention.


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