About Us

Presenting a new project called e-schooling.in. Parents are highly anxious about their children's studies and future. They will be very happy if they are able to know their children's study reports, attendance report, curriculum activity reports school/college updates daily without going school or asking anybody.e-schooling.in is useful for school/institution also, they can show their course, facility, events exam result, news, etc.. and it can be updated daily without any cost. So that all peoples can search and see school/institution by district and location. Through this facility parents can choose the right institute for their child without any confusion.

Here is e-schooling.in Through e-schooling.in, parents can get all kinds of information about their children's educational progress via internet. It helps improving the standard of study of students. We know that the information's about a student is very important and it should be secret. So that we providing username and password for every parent. All the information of a student will be password protected and will not visible to the public and other parents. Information is provided via call centre also, through these parents obtain information's via phone call who are unable to use internet.
"Making simplicity is our mission
We are here to serve you"